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Affordable accommodation in London? Choose with care.

The cost of housing: Mayfair is a lovely area, but since you are reading this blog yourself, rather than one of your many servants, chances are you wouldn’t be able to justify the monthly expenditure. London rents are HIGH compared to most places in the US. Here’s a colour map of this rental rate horror. […]

The UK driver’s license – ready for the test?

The UK driving test for expats: Over the course of your first year in the UK, you will need to tackle the UK driving test (unless you happen to have hold driver’s license from a handful of countries, acquired through taking a full test in a stick-shift car – see here). This is a lot […]

2013: London boroughs with the best schools

London boroughs with the best schools (2013 data): Richmond, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston, and Sutton. Just published by the Department for Education.

School types in the UK – can you keep track?

Once you start reading up on the English school system for your kids, you won’t be able to escape the insane nomenclature. The school pie can be cut up in so many ways, and each has a different designation…. If you wanted to delve into this morass, you can find an excellent summary of types […]

Surviving driving – in London

Driving in London (and the wider UK): American expats, you will be changing your travel habits (except maybe you, New Yorkers). Forget the car. It may still be helpful for trips to the supermarket, or driving your kids down the road to a playdate (especially if it’s raining) – but unless you are staying in […]

It helps to be Christian – UK schools and religion

Schools and religion: Be aware! Many state schools are linked to the Church of England (CoE, i.e. Anglican) or the Roman Catholic church – these make up about one third of schools in the UK (and yes, they draw on tax money).  There are two potential issues (or opportunities) here: a) You may not want […]

Finding a good school in London, and getting in!

Schools: This is a huge topic. And most probably the one that is most stressful for families moving to London. It certainly was for me. Important factors when deciding on the type of school you go for are a) the age of your child(ren) and b) your plans for returning to your home country. I […]