London neighbours (or neighbors)

Who else lives around here?: You found a lovely-looking property available for rent, but you’re just not quite sure who your neighbours will be? Have a look here: Armed with the postal code, you can go spying. For extreme examples, try postal codes SW14 7EL (lovely mansions), and E15LA (the most deprived London ward).

A number of websites have recently come online that attempt to help you narrow down on a few neighbourhoods. Try this one: You can assign weights to the various criteria – I went through the exercise twice, and our current (and past) neighbourhoods came up among the top 10 both times. This site does not however take commuting / transport into account – suggestions are scattered all over London. It’s hard to get an overview, rather than individual (randomly located) neighbourhoods. But it’s a good tool to help you along on your search for the perfect home…

Your new neighbours?

Your new neighbourhood?



  1. Thanks for the mention and glad you have positive feedback too! Hope you and your family are enjoying London – we most certainly do 🙂 Tweet us if you would like any more info @findahood

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