Affordable accommodation in London? Choose with care.

The cost of housing: Mayfair is a lovely area, but since you are reading this blog yourself, rather than one of your many servants, chances are you wouldn’t be able to justify the monthly expenditure. London rents are HIGH compared to most places in the US. Here’s a colour map of this rental rate horror. When you’re on the site, enter a random postal code (like NW1 4RY = London Zoo), select how many bedrooms you are looking for, and zoom out of the map the site generates. This will give you a lovely picture of all of London, with average rents prices (per week).

Helpful is also this map of London areas – the only map I’ve been able to find showing the neighbourhood names estate agents (and locals) use to describe property locations.

Your task is to stake out some broad areas you (and your budget) could consider.


Looks nice, Darling, are you sure we can afford it?

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