Multi-post readers: I would love to hear from you!

Dear Readers,

My blog doesn’t get inundated with attention – but from the stats, I can see that a few of you read almost every single one of my posts (today, a reader from Ireland is high on the list of views, a couple of days ago it was someone from Brazil – will we see you in London soon?). Which leads me to believe you have found the information useful….? 

I would love to hear from you! Let me know which (if any) posts / snippets of information have been particularly helpful. Do you have a your favourite post? Any additional tips for moving to London? Is anything I wrote incorrect?

Just leave a comment!!








  1. Hi, how do you manage health system / insurance.?

    1. Hi Flavio,
      Could you explain a bit more what you mean by ‘manage’? If you mean having access to medical care:
      I am not a lawyer, but this is how it worked for us: My husband was on a work visa at first. As he had a full-time job in the UK, he (and his family) were covered by the NHS – which means we just signed up with a local doctor. (Most) treatments are free, no money changes hands (well, just your taxes…). My husband then switched to a different visa – now I am sponsoring him as I am an EU passport holder. The sponsoring spouse has to work in order for the visa holder to be covered by the NHS (with a salary over a certain threshold – it’s quite low for London standards, but can’t quite remember what it was). However, if the sponsoring spouse does not work, the visa holder has to show ‘comprehensive coverage’ through a private insurer. Compared to the US, the cost is very low (you can check it out on the BUPA website, that’s one of the biggest private insurers here).
      Did I manage to answer your question? Not sure what your situation is…

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