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LOVE maps…more information on London than you thought possible

I came across this fabulous site, developed by a team of researchers at University College London (UCL) – mapping the UK along all the different axes of the 2011 Census. Highly recommended, check it out, play around!  If I had time, I’d write a summary of some of the most amazing bits of information […]

Multi-post readers: I would love to hear from you!

Dear Readers, My blog doesn’t get inundated with attention – but from the stats, I can see that a few of you read almost every single one of my posts (today, a reader from Ireland is high on the list of views, a couple of days ago it was someone from Brazil – will we see […]

I’m back – apologies for the extended leave of absence

Dear Readers, Well, there’s a surprise! I had no idea anyone was reading my posts – and after returning to the world of paid work earlier this year, while continuing in the unpaid but no less challenging world of parenthood, I stopped checking my blog altogether. So, my sincere apologies to those of you who have sent me […]

London postcodes

Postcodes tell you a lot about where you are in London – and should be helpful in your search for a new home. The format is: one or two letters – one or two numbers – (possibly another letter) – space – one number-  two letters For example, the London Zoo has the postcode NW1 […]

London living near greenery and parks – gotta love it!

As with Noise, I may be biased. But living next to Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, and the Thames path has made us VERY happy. The kids love watching the deer, running around the soaring roofs of Kew’s Victorian greenhouses, and watching ducks and swans on the river Thames. London has lot of parks on offer […]

London neighbours (or neighbors)

Who else lives around here?: You found a lovely-looking property available for rent, but you’re just not quite sure who your neighbours will be? Have a look here: Armed with the postal code, you can go spying. For extreme examples, try postal codes SW14 7EL (lovely mansions), and E15LA (the most deprived London ward). […]