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Noise. Above your lovely London home. Be afraid.

Susceptible to noise?: It’s possible I only include this factor because the answer in my case is an emphatic YES. Especially at 4:45 am. That’s when the first plane used to pass directly over our house on its final approach into London Heathrow Airport. Obviously, noise in your home will be determined by a range […]

Identify your hell-no! London areas.

In good old British fashion, let’s now dive into the depressing. Here’s how to eliminate London areas you may not want to spend your life in: Have a look at these deprivation maps (their term, not mine!), generated by The Guardian. To orientate yourself: zoom out one level, and hit “satellite” in the upper right […]

London Orientation: Geography 101

Oh, this is all very exciting – we’re moving to London!!! – but where will we actually live? You’ve been to London before, traipsed around Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London…. so you know the city, right? Well, to pick a place for your new family home, you may need to […]

Moving to London? Where do I start!

You got that phone call: It’s time to pack up and move to London. And while you may have talked about this adventure for a long time, it still comes as a bit of a shock – a couple of months (or maybe just weeks!) to sort out all your belongings and find a new […]