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LOVE maps…more information on London than you thought possible

I came across this fabulous site, developed by a team of researchers at University College London (UCL) – mapping the UK along all the different axes of the 2011 Census. Highly recommended, check it out, play around!  If I had time, I’d write a summary of some of the most amazing bits of information […]

Find a home, find a school – a chicken and egg situation…

Find the perfect home, get your kids into the perfect school. This is what you (could) do. At least it’s what I found to be the most useful strategy: a)    Go to Rightmove, look up a property in an area you are interested in, and click on the Map & Schools tab (easier on a […]

Finding a home in London – websites to narrow the search

There are a number of sites that aggregate London neighbourhood data into searchable maps. But make no mistake: Getting familiar with the areas, schools, rent prices, will all take time. (If you are thinking of SW London and want some help, get in touch with me via About). Try these: – Rightmove and FindProperly: My […]

London living near greenery and parks – gotta love it!

As with Noise, I may be biased. But living next to Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, and the Thames path has made us VERY happy. The kids love watching the deer, running around the soaring roofs of Kew’s Victorian greenhouses, and watching ducks and swans on the river Thames. London has lot of parks on offer […]

Viewing a rental property? Here’s your tick list.

When viewing a property in London, here a few things you may want to check out. Other than that you like the place, that it’s the right size and the right location, and sports a parking space/garden/warehouse/jacuzzi or whatever else your specific requirements are. Windows and doors – in good shape, and double-glazed? It can […]

Affordable accommodation in London? Choose with care.

The cost of housing: Mayfair is a lovely area, but since you are reading this blog yourself, rather than one of your many servants, chances are you wouldn’t be able to justify the monthly expenditure. London rents are HIGH compared to most places in the US. Here’s a colour map of this rental rate horror. […]

London neighbours (or neighbors)

Who else lives around here?: You found a lovely-looking property available for rent, but you’re just not quite sure who your neighbours will be? Have a look here: Armed with the postal code, you can go spying. For extreme examples, try postal codes SW14 7EL (lovely mansions), and E15LA (the most deprived London ward). […]