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LOVE maps…more information on London than you thought possible

I came across this fabulous site, developed by a team of researchers at University College London (UCL) – mapping the UK along all the different axes of the 2011 Census. Highly recommended, check it out, play around!  If I had time, I’d write a summary of some of the most amazing bits of information […]

Commuter trains and travel (dis)comfort – picking ‘your’ station

There are various levels of comfort / discomfort when riding a train to work. If all goes well, you find a seat and use the time to read, type away on your laptop, or snooze for a few more minutes. If things go awry, there is standing space only (very limited at that), and you are crammed in […]

Finding a home in London – websites to narrow the search

There are a number of sites that aggregate London neighbourhood data into searchable maps. But make no mistake: Getting familiar with the areas, schools, rent prices, will all take time. (If you are thinking of SW London and want some help, get in touch with me via About). Try these: – Rightmove and FindProperly: My […]

The UK driver’s license – ready for the test?

The UK driving test for expats: Over the course of your first year in the UK, you will need to tackle the UK driving test (unless you happen to have hold driver’s license from a handful of countries, acquired through taking a full test in a stick-shift car – see here). This is a lot […]

Surviving driving – in London

Driving in London (and the wider UK): American expats, you will be changing your travel habits (except maybe you, New Yorkers). Forget the car. It may still be helpful for trips to the supermarket, or driving your kids down the road to a playdate (especially if it’s raining) – but unless you are staying in […]

Trains, tubes, and buses – London transport for kids

I neglected to mention child fares for London transport – not a topic that I find particularly thrilling, and it’s also rather complex. The official are available details here. My quick summary: Under 11: free on bus and tube (must be with paying adult); child fare on National rail trains, which is reduced if the […]

London trains, planes, and automobiles. And buses. And maybe even a boat.

TRAINS The Tube: You’ll have heard of the Underground (aka The Tube). Not the quickest, but wonderfully branched. Stops nearly everywhere. Will suck the will to live out of you if you rely on it for your commute – everyone I’ve talked to agrees. There is something about running up and down stairs in the […]